Pirate Captins

In today’s Hollywood-ruled entertainment culture – shanghaied recently by a certain pirate blockbuster, which shall go unnamed – pirates are of more interest than ever before. We have an image of romantic, dashing pirate men and of the beautiful pirate woman with her cutlass and low neckline, all on a fantastical pirate ship. Our idea of pirates is almost inseparable with the mythos behind them. Who were they really, though, and just how much similarity do real pirates bear to the moviegoers’ image of them?

What does the name Pirate imply?

The name pirate was used to refer to more than just the buccaneers of the high seas and the real pirates of the Caribbean. Strictly, the name pirate was used to refer to those independent pirates who used their pirate ships to attack merchant vessels and steal their goods, which they would then bring into port to sell. These very real pirates were little more than criminals, highwaymen of the seas, and truly deserved the name pirate.

Privateers, on the other hand, still engaged in piracy – but did so “legally,” under the flag of a specific nation, and only against that nation’s enemies. One such pirate was Robert Morris, an American privateer from the early years of the country. Many privateers were wealthy – Morris’ pirating profits made him the first millionaire in American history.

Famous Pirate Ships

An important part of pirate lore is, of course, the pirate ship, with its Jolly Roger and cannons ready to take down any innocent passerby. Among the most famous of all pirate ships was the one captained by the pirate captain Edward Teach – better known today as Blackbeard. His ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, was the terror of honest merchantmen near his haunt near the island of St. Vincent until his death at the hands of Lieutenant Maynard of the British army.

The Infamous Pirate Woman

Although Hollywood portrayals of piracy and pirates nearly always contain at least one good-looking pirate woman, real life was rather different. Piracy was almost exclusively a man’s world, and was not at all the romantic life portrayed in film. There were, however, a few notable exceptions to this rule. One extremely powerful pirate woman was the infamous Cheng I Sao of the Red Flag Fleet, in China and Malaysia in the early nineteenth century. With the death of her husband, Cheng commanded over 1500 pirate ships until her death in 1844. Other famous pirate women were Mary Read and Ann Bonny.

Famous Pirates

While pirate history is full of stories of more than one famous pirate ship, and many a name, pirate or not, Blackbeard is perhaps the most famous pirate of all. Blackbeard reigned in the Caribbean for a short period in the early 18th century, during the Golden Age of Piracy. Blackbeard’s pirate ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge is one of the most famous pirate ships of all time.

The Real Blackbeard

The real Blackbeard was by name, pirate Edward Teach. Teach was born around 1680 in England. Teach first went to sea as a privateer, finally adding the French frigate La Concorde de Nantes to his fleet. He renamed La Concorde de Nantes the Queen Anne’s Revenge and it became his well known and feared pirate ship. Teach was known both for his escapades as a pirate, and also his personal escapades, including a rumored fourteen common law wives. He refused pardon when it was offered, preferring to stay on the seas, even if it eventually cost him his life. His crew, piracy and his pirate ship were his life.

Blackbeard had a reputation for cruelty. While his reign was short, from 1716-1718, he brought fear into the minds of many in the Caribbean, and along the coastal United States. wikipedia offers an excellent overview of Blackbeard’s life and acts. Not only does Blackbeard have a reputation for cruelty to his crew and the ships and cities he raided, but he had a long running feud with the HMS Scarborough. Blackbeard finally died in a rough and rowdy battle with the two sloops commanded by Lieutenant Robert Maynard near Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. Blackbeard’s determination, drive, and life as a real pirate of the Caribbean make him one of the most famous pirates of the age of piracy.

Blackbeard’s Name, Pirate Legend

Blackbeard’s name was a part of the legend the man created around himself. A fearsome image served a pirate well, and Blackbeard was no exception to that. Blackbeard both fought and appeared heavily armed at all times. The name pirate Blackbeard likely refers to the man’s beard; however, legend says that he wove lit fuses, matches and hemp into his beard, creating a cloud of smoke around his head. The huge and heavily armed pirate ship he sailed added to the legend. While Edward Teach, Blackbeard, was a real pirate, his legend lives on even more loudly than the man himself did.

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